Welcome to Jesse's IT Solutions. My name is Jesse Bovey, and I am the elad technician and Service Desk Administrator at Jesse's IT Solutions. We are proud of all of the commitment that we have made over the past few years towards the digital growth of community organisations across the Greater Wellington Region. Jesse's IT Solutions has helped may businesses get their business fast tracked through the use of a digital presence over the years, and we would love to hear from you in regards we can help your business!

Voluntary Website Administrator UHCOS


Jesse Bovey, our Senior Technician has spent almost 5 years as an Voluntary Website Administrator for the team at the Upper Hutt City of Song Music Festival.

IT Technician and Support Operator


Jesse Bovey, Our Senior Technician has spent many years as a ICT consultant and Technical Services administrator at Go With the Flow Plumbing. Jesse has gained further insight through this role, and is deticated to applying this knowledge to all customers on our network.

ITC Student at WelTec


Jesse is continuing to hone his technical skills daily whilst studying for his Diploma in Information Technology and Technical Support. Jesse applies this knowledge to all clients on our network effectively.

2016 - 2020

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Our services

Jesse's IT Solutions offers a wide range of services in order to support all of our client's needs


Broadcasting Services - Jesse's IT Solutions are experts in live broadcasting events at minimal cost to our clients. Our specialties are indoor sporting events that can be operated and monitored remotely.

Website Design - Jesse's IT Solutions have been building websites for years to boost our Customer's online presence. If you'd like a website re-design, Get in touch with us today!

Remote Technical Support - Jesse's IT Solutions has been running remote Service Desks for our clients for years. Our staff aim to prioritise your needs in order to keep your business accessible!


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